How Connect2Install Works for Installers

While modern consumers value convenience, they also want to ensure quality. Connect2Install delivers on both fronts. With a systematic approach in place, consumers can quickly move from the online purchase of a truck accessory to its installation from a certified professional.

Follow The Step-By-Step Process
Purchase Product Online

An online consumer finds a truck accessory on a reputable website like Amazon or Ebay and decides to purchase it.

Choose a Local Installation

When purchasing the product, the consumer sees an option to schedule a local installation for a provided price, and adds this to their cart.

Receive Installer Information

The job is sent to the C2i Network within the customer's area. The first installer to claim the job will get it.

Arrive On-Site with Product

On the day of the install, the consumer arrives at your brick-and-mortar shop for their scheduled product install.

Provide Satisfaction Code

When the consumer is satisfied with the install, they will give you their provided satisfaction code. You will then use that to receive payment for the work by entering it into the Installer Portal on our website.

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What Some of Our Installers Have to Say

They're Legit

I was a little wary to work with an online company after being burned a couple of times but these guys are legit. They pay you before the customer even leaves the shop and they work with retailers that are on the ball if there's any part defects, etc. Thanks for the business!

— Nick, Vermont

Huge Business Partner

Connect 2 Install has been a huge business partner as it helps to grow our business by helping their customers to get high qualified labor, professional assistance and great attention through their platform; and as it is so easy to use, more and more customers are getting the job done the right way.

— Luis, Florida

Helping Our Industry

Really happy there are companies like Connect 2 Install out there helping our industry.

— Gerald, Florida

Easy Process

Firstly the process from booking to then scheduling a date and time for installment is such an easy process. Once we schedule the time and date we then take the customers in and install their accessory. After installment they provide us with a satisfactory code we then input to your website confirming with both the customer and your company everything was up to specs. On our end it has brought in more profits and potential customers.

— Ricky, California
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