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Whereas traditional methods leave room for inefficiencies, guesswork and miscommunications, Connect2Install streamlines interactions between online consumers, online retailers and local installers. This easy-to-follow path from purchase to install is based on a systematic approach.

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Installation Request Is Submitted

After purchasing a truck accessory from a reputable website like Amazon or Ebay, the consumer is asked if they’d like to schedule a local installation for a specified price. They opt to do so.

Email Notifications Are Sent Out

The Connect2Install network is notified of the job via email and given the opportunity to install the product for the specified dollar amount. The first installer to accept the job is awarded the install.

Installation Process Proceeds

Once an installer accepts the job, the consumer receives their contact information and the installation date and time. The consumer arrives at the respective shop as scheduled for their product install.

Satisfaction Code Is Implemented

After the install of the truck accessory is complete, the installer will input a satisfaction code (given to the installer by the consumer) through the Connect2Install website.

Receipt of Payment for Job

Once the satisfaction code is entered into the Connect2Install system, the installer will receive their payment and Connect2Install will bill the retailer back for the cost of the install.

Offer Your Online Customers Local Installation

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